Borders and Frontiers of Modern Latin America – Spring 2020

The final project for the Borders & Frontiers in Modern Latin America, Spring 2020, was website that reflected students’ research on a border region of Latin America. In class, we discussed the multiple facets that make, resist, reinforce, and challenge borders across the region. In this final project, students chose one of these aspects and explored it in a particular site. As the Coronavirus pandemic disrupted our semester, students had to get creative on tailoring their interests to the resources available. The research features:

  • Mexico: The intersection of labor and migration to understand border fluidity.
  • Caribbean I: The role of trade in shaping the Caribbean as a site of encounter.
  • Caribbean II: The multifarious history of the region.
  • Colombia: The mapping of the early republic in order to understand nation-making.
  • Venezuela-Colombia: The impact of COVID-19 in present-day migrations.
  • Easter Island: The intersection between frontier, heritage, and tourism to explain Rapa Nui relationship with the Chilean state.
  • Beagle Channel I: The negotiations between Chile and Argentina.
  • Beagle Channel II: The role of institutions in conflict resolution.

Click on any pin on the map to go to the students’ sites